Turf Treatments & Conditioners

Arbor Rock is currently developing turf treatments and conditioners to augment our infield mixes and conditioners. Products to be made available are being developed with an eye to lowering water and fertilizer requirements. In the arid climate areas of the country, water is becoming an increasingly precious resource. We believe our new products will assist in the conservation of water. Further, these products are projected to reduce fertilization requirements by binding the fertilizers and releasing them slowly over time.

Benefits as Turf Amendment:
– Nutrient retention
– Prevents compaction under heavy traffic
– Improves root growth
– Improves drainage
– Improves water/oxygen exchange
– Increases total porosity


GroundsKeeper™ is a vitrified clay soil conditioner offered by Arbor Rock.

What is vitrified clay?

Vitrified clay is made by firing in a rotary kiln at over 2000°F producing a stable porous ceramic granule (not to be confused with calcined clays, which are heated at temperatures above 1000°F until the combined water is removed and the plastic character of the clay is destroyed). Vitrified clay granules contain 66½% pore space, 42%/58% non-capillary to capillary pore space, thus improving water, air and nutrient control within the root zone. The CEC’s of vitrified clays are in the 6 range compared to a CEC of 3 for sands.

GroundsKeeper™ benefits as it relates to turf management:

1.) Retains moisture and nutrients within the root zone
2.) Improves percolation and air movement throughout the root zone
3.) Reduces compaction of the root zone, providing a permanent aerification
4.) Insulates the root zone providing additional heat protection.
5.) Will not break down to physical or chemical elements


TurfKeeper™ is a blended soil amendment offered by Arbor Rock which offers the combined benefits of ZeoTurfä and GroundsKeeper™. While many programs will combine soil amendments such as peat, compost, mulch, and vermiculite, with sand as the primary component, TurfKeeper™ provides all the benefits of sand and most of the other amendments without the associated deficiencies. In many areas, water availability and environmental considerations are becoming an increasingly important component in the turf management decision-making process. TurfKeeper™ was developed to address these concerns as well as achieve the maximum overall performance result. On a program cost/benefit performance analysis TurfKeeper™ is one of the most economical alternatives available.

If you would like solutions to:
o Water conservation
o Fertilizer efficiency
o Pollution reduction
o Appearance
o Turf playability

TurfKeeper™ is your best alternative.