Landscape & Decorative Stones

The benchmark of our business, Arbor Rock specializes in the wholesale of quality landscape and decorative stones that place our clients at the top of their respective markets. Our clients excel with their customers by offering them distinctive landscaping materials at a fair price obtained from Arbor Rock. Let us help put you at the top of your market with the quality products listed below.

The following selections represent our most popular materials, however, it is only a small representation of the products offered by Arbor Rock. If you do not see what you are looking for, please visit our contact us page.


Cobbles are one of the most versatile landscape stone sizes. Naturally rounded over time by river and glacial action, these stones possess an unsurpassed texture and quality of appearance.


Boulders are a larger version of cobbles. Usually, boulders are somewhat rounded or otherwise uniquely shaped by abrasion in the course of river or glacial transportation. Boulders may also vary due to distinctive processes of weathering. Generally, boulders are too heavy to be lifted readily by hand.


Flagstones are hard, evenly and thin-bedded stone that splits along bedding planes into flat slabs suitable for patios, walls, floors, walkways, and building coverings. Flagstones are usually fine-grained sandstones but can be found in limestone, shale, slate, or schist.


Wall and Veneer stones can include a number of rock types. Usually, the rocks utilized will have a two-dimensional flat, or level surface for ease of stacking. The surfaces are naturally occurring and differentiated from building stones which are often cut and shaped for construction purposes.


Volcanic rocks are generally finely crystalline or glassy igneous rocks, resulting from volcanic action at or near the earth’s surface, usually extruded as lava. Most volcanic rocks used in landscaping are very porous and may have secondary weathering and moss growth.


Decorative Gravel is a popularly used term for a loose accumulation of rock fragments. These fragments can be associated with beaches or streams or can be quarried. The decorative types of gravel come in an array of colors and shapes to satisfy many landscaping needs.