Infield Mixes & Conditioners

Arbor Rock offers a full line of amendments and conditioners for high-quality infields. Our materials are formulated to withstand extended usage while remaining playable under adverse weather conditions. Additional benefits include reduced compaction, improved drainage, enriched color, improved safety, water conservation, and reduced infield glare.


Diamond Pro™ Red Infield conditioner – 1/8 inch. Same as the bagged material but delivered in bulk. Beautiful red color, with all the benefits. This material favored by numerous professional, college, high schools, cities. and parks and recreation districts throughout the nation. It shows especially great on TV contrasting against the green grass.

Diamond Pro™ Earth tone Infield conditioner – 1/8 inch. This is the same as the red material prior to its being dyed red. Same great capabilities, just the plain color.


GroundsKeeper™ Earth tone Infield conditioner – 1/8 inch. This is the same great infield conditioner, with about 1% more fines. Arbor Rock has provided this throughout the front range for over two decades, more of a “generic” product, with a lower price point.

Standard infield dirt/clay mix – This is just the right sand/clay mix to provide a great low cost, great playing infield.

Premium Russet red infield mix. Just the right amount of sand to clay, beautiful red color infield mix.

Colorado Red Economy Warning Track material – More granitic material having a rose to red color, and no binder.

Colorado red /gray/or gold walking/sports trail mix (optional stabilized) – economical good wearing surface for hiking, biking, walking, and nature trails.

Super Sack / aka Super Bag – holds approximately 1.25 cubic yards:

Red Pitcher’s PRO mound clay in the super bag (1.5-ton bag). Fabulous very fine red clay, very dry, completely screened and stored in a super bag shipped with an additional shrink wrap cover and on a wood pallet. Ideal material for building new or adding to a pitchers mound, putting around batter’s boxes, and filling in “dig-in” areas. This material is the choice to put the cap over the popular clay bricks. No moisture, so it’s all useable, just add a fine spray to work.

GroundsKeeper™ Infield Conditioner in the super bag (approx.1.3 ton) Same as our great bulk material, but put into the super bag (aka “super sack”, “tote”, or “big white sac”). Ease of handling for larger pickup or getting material on a flatbed truck, without the additional expense of individual 50 lb bags on a pallet. Saves on packaging expense, and get enough material to do some good for your infield.

Batter’s box/Pitcher’s Mound Bricks Packages/pallet of 500/300/200. Unfired, dry fully clay bricks to put under problem areas on the mound runway, catchers box and batter’s boxes. With these in place, there is far less daily maintenance, especially in heavily used fields.

Call us for freight rates to your location. Prices subject to change without notice. Typical

Bulk loads are +/- 24 tons. Minimum load/loading charges apply.

The following selections represent our most popular infield mixes, however, it is only a small representation of the products offered by Arbor Rock.