Running & Warning Track Materials

Arbor Rock handles a scoria cinder material which is excellent for running tracks and warming tracks. The topping or running surface should be a mixture of scoria and a binder in order to get stability.

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Scoria cinder is a product of volcanic action. When the volcano erupted, the frothy, molten rock was forced over the rim. As it ran down the slope, it quickly cooled into a hard, porous rock cinder… scoria.
Scoria, when crushed, cleaned, and graded, becomes a lightweight, natural rock cinder, and comes in two colors – Red and Black.

Tracks constructed with scoria cinder from the base course to running surface provide the necessary resilience and firmness for a good track. Scoria cinders are widely used for repairing and maintaining track surfaced with other materials. Many universities, college, and high school tracks have been constructed with scoria cinders.