Flagstone & Steppers provide the classic look and style sought after by customers as they expand their living space outdoors. Frequently used as an elegant alternative to concrete, flagstone and steppers provide a unique personality and natural beauty to patios, gardens, and outdoor entertainment areas. Flagstones are a hard, evenly-and thin-bedded stone that splits along bedding planes into flat slabs suitable for patios, walls, floors, walkways and building coverings. Flagstones are usually fine-grained sandstones, but can be found in limestone, shale, slate, or schist.

The following selections represent our most popular flagstone, however, it is only a small representation of the products offered by Arbor Rock. If you do not see what you are looking for, please visit our contact us page.


A beautiful cream to buff color native Colorado flagstone known for its uniform color and great hardness.


A dense, quite hard rose to red color native Colorado flagstone. Our high-quality flagstone is differentiated by its uniform sizing in the pallets, and with close inspection, you’ll note a slight “bluish” overtone to the red. Not to be confused with softer, lighter color stone.

Sunrise Flagstone

Beautiful flagstone imbued with the warm colors of sunrise; rose, peach, & yellow



A cooler flagstone with the colors of a sunset, a dark rose learning more towards the blue hues.

 Dendritic FLAGSTONE

Often mistaken for fossils, dendritic mineral crystal forms s naturally occurring fissures in the rock are filled by percolating mineral solutions. This flagstone has naturally occurring dendrites.


A very hard, dense stone ideal for patio, seating areas, and steps. Available in gray, gray with silver flecks, white with gold and silver flecks, blue colors and gold with black colors.